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Friday 10th May in Gifford Village Hall. Doors open at 7.30 pm and the film starts at 8 pm.

A musical psychodrama in which Cate Blanchett gives an award-winning performance as an orchestra conductor whose life and sanity start to unravel when she is accused of misconduct.

An offer has been received to purchase Garvald Church which is acceptable to the Church of Scotland Trustees.

An entry date of 17th May has been proposed for the sale and accordingly, with great sadness, it is likely that Sunday 5th May 2024 at 9.30am will be the last service to be held by Garvald and Morham Parish in Garvald church.

We look forward to welcoming everybody who would like to attend.

Tea/ coffee and cake will be served in the Stables after the service.

Neither the Stables not the Glebe are included in the sale.

Promising Young Woman

The film showing on Friday 8th March in Gifford Village Hall is “Promising Young Woman” starring Carey Mulligan.

It promises style, wit and sharp social commentary! Doors open at 7.30

On Friday 9th February, the film showing at Gifford Film Club is “The Eight Mountains” – an epic journey of friendship and self-discovery set in the luscious scenery of the Italian Alps. Oh and it’s in Italian…so you might want to prepare yourselves with a bit of spaghetti for dinner!

Doors open 7.30pm Film starts at 8. Still fabulously good value if you want to buy an annual membership for £30 ( 9 films) or pay £5 on the night.

A new season of films kicks off on Friday 12th January in Gifford Village Hall with “The Great Escaper” starring Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson. You can become a member of the Film Club for only £30 which works out at a marvellous £3 per film. Or if you don’t want to commit – £5 as a drop-in guest member. Excitingly, we are now able to accept card payments.

The full program will be available on Friday, as well as the usual tea, coffee and biscuits. Please remember a few coins to add to the refreshments saucer!

New Year – New Idea – Garvald Transport Cooperative

There are a few people in Garvald who do not have their own transport, or who occasionally have transport issues (like flat tyres!) On the other hand there are quite a few people in Garvald who regularly drive to Gifford or Haddington, Dunbar or even Edinburgh. Maybe it would be worthwhile to set up a network so these people can communicate with each other?

The idea is simple – a WhatsApp group. You fill in the form below and ask for your phone number to be added to the GTC (Garvald Transport Cooperative) group. Doesn’t matter if you are a transport provider or requester.

When somebody needs a lift into Haddington say, they simply put a message on the Whatsapp group. If anybody is available and willing they can respond. The requester of course doesn’t need to accept that offer. They can hope for somebody else (maybe with a more reliable car!) or try another route.

It’s worth a shot don’t you think? If anybody has suggestions about how to improve the idea or can think of a funkier name please get in touch.

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    Everyone is invited to gather round the Christmas Tree at 5.30pm on Christmas Eve for some carol-singing. Carol sheets will be available but a torch might be handy!

    The Christmas Eve service in the church will start at 6 pm with more carols and candles and children dressed up as angels or shepherds ( or anything they like), and there will be mulled wine and mince pies in the Stables afterwards.

    Think of your favourite carol and start us off at the Christmas Tree