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Christmas Theatre Trip

Update on bookings

Morham bus – fully booked
Garvald bus – 4 spaces remaining

We also have 5 tickets that are for people who wish to make their own way to the theatre.

It may be possible to upgrade to a larger bus for Garvald and Morham Loanhead (Not Morham Mainshill due to the narrow bridge). Please message me on the form below if you are unable to book the tickets you need). DEADLINE 12th November.


SUNDAY 12th December 2021

CHRISTMAS DINNER at Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, 1:30pm (buses leave at noon)

BOOKING DEADLINE 12th November 1pm.

Due to funding from the Crystal Rig Community Windfarm, Garvald and Morham Community Council are able to organise this trip once again.

Including return coaches – one from each of Garvald and Morham – (noon – approx. 4pm)

Tickets £6 per person
Book here –

Please contact us, using the contact form at the bottom of this post, for the password.

All families must be Garvald and Morham Ward residents. Map here.

About the show – 

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    Christmas Theatre goes online

    In the absence of the usual Family Christmas Theatre trip we’re posting information about some of the alternatives available to watch at home this year:

    We usually go to the Lyceum Edinburgh, they are offering Lyceum Christmas Tales

    On 1 Dec, a free 15 minute Christmas story will appear on The Lyceum Website for families to share at bedtime. Then, a brand new story will appear every other day until the 16th of December – 8 free stories in all. You can visit us here to watch them on the website as they appear or sign up to receive them by email. The final 4 Christmas Tales will be performed together in a special live show with musical interludes on a transformed Lyceum stage between 16-20 December, £10.

    Other options:
    All available free to stream at home but please do consider donating if you can.

    National Theatre of Scotland – Rapunzel

    Brunton Theatre – Rapunzel

    Scottish Ballet – The Secret Theatre Christmas Special


    Important Announcement from your Community Council

    Covid-19 Community Support Fund

    In the current lockdown situation some Garvald or Morham residents may be suffering an impact to their regular income. The Community Council (via the Crystal Rig fund)  have a modest sum that could possibly be utilised to provide some financial assistance to any residents impacted in this way.

    If you are interested in exploring the issue of potential assistance please contact Phillip White for an application form  on 830316 or  Any enquiries will be dealt with in  the strictest confidence.

    East Lothian VE Day Celebration, Friday 8th May

    On Friday 8th May the Nation will mark the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe which marks and remembers the end of the Second world War in Europe

    Given the current global pandemic crisis we face due to Covid-19 many of the planned celebrations and acts of remembrance planned across East Lothian for the weekend of 8th – 10th May have been cancelled or changed to reflect the need to keep the nation safe.

    However, commemorating this historic event from home or the work place is still encouraged as best as we can. It can be a time for everyone in East Lothian to remember the immeasurable sacrifices that were made at home and abroad and to celebrate 75 years of victory and peace in Europe

    Open Air Schedule for those who would like to participate, full information here
    11:00am  – Two minutes silence
    2:55pm – The Last Post
    3:00pm – The Nations Toast
    3:00pm – The Thousand Plus Pipers – Note: Rory Gammell, Robbie Clark and Harry Lee will pipe from their gardens in Morham.
    6:55pm – Crying out for Peace
    9:00pm – HM The Queen Broadcast

    Update from Morham – May 2020

    With the continuing lockdown, this is just a brief reminder of support and services available to Morham area residents.

    Firstly, a reminder that day-to-day updates are available on the ‘Morham – We Live Here’ private Facebook group. Members must be area residents to join this group and it is a great place for everyone to share information, support and resources.

    Any confidential requests for practical assistance can be sent in the contact form below or by the email / phone numbers on the leaflet put through all doors by the Morham Resilience Volunteers. This can be from mowing of lawns or dog walking, to shopping and picking up prescriptions. There’s a fantastic group of very willing locals who have volunteered to help out as necessary, so don’t hesitate!

    We also have volunteers who are able to offer either time on the phone or online to those simply missing a bit of social contact. If you or anyone you know would benefit from a chat, do please get in touch and we’ll happily forward the details of local volunteers who have kindly offered a bit of pressure-free social contact.

    We have organised a couple of food shopping opportunities, set up in the car park behind Mainshill Steading on Tuesdays: Johnson’s Fruit and Veg Van at noon and Ross Dougal Fish van at 1:45pm. Both are cash/cheque only.
    Please respect all current Scottish Government Guidance. Locals who need to drive to Mainshill, please park beside bin store at entrance to car park.
    There are a number of local businesses including Morham on their delivery routes including The Mart East Linton, Yester Dairies, George Anderson’s, Bostock Bakery and more. These are updated by residents on the Facebook Group.

      Morham Village Hall Enquiry Form:

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      Update on Morham Resilience

      Firstly, a big thank you to all those who have offered support. We have a great, supportive, community and things are moving quickly so the main thing is that we are connected.  So, to update on where and how to access information and assistance.

      General Morham-specific information:
      The main information channel for Morham residents will be ‘Morham – We Live Here‘  Facebook group. This is only for residents and will be used for Morham-specific information.
      We will not be replacing national advice channels so please continue to refer to Scottish Government, NHS and East Lothian Council for updated information (see below for links).
      If you are not happy to be on Facebook, please contact us through the contact form below to make us aware that you are not able to access this loop.

      Requests / Offers for specific Assistance:
      The assist/risk register is our central record of residents who have opted in to help out or would like us to know they may need extra support. This list is protected and confidential within the Resilience Group, and all data held according to the Data Privacy Policy of Morham Village Hall. We will use this register to create links in response to requests for assistance.

      We have contacted a volunteer from this register in many of our housing clusters to ask them to be a point of contact in case our movements are made more limited. Please let us know if you are able to help with this, we are not yet 100% coverage.

      Examples of Morham Specific Services you will see on the Facebook group:
      – The owner of Lanterne Rouge is a resident and is offering delivery of evening meal from the cafe to those stuck at home as he heads home.

      – Johnson’s Fruit and Veg van will visit the car park behind Mainshill Steading on Tuesday at 11am. If you are not currently leaving the house, please let us know as they can make up boxes for doorstep drops.

      Obviously things are changing rapidly so please join the group for most up to date information.

      Useful sources of information

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        Message for Morham residents

        We know that in this little community you will be looking out for each other and helping your neighbours at a time like this but we want to ensure that everyone has the support they need.

        The Morham Resilience Register already exists as a community-wide list of those who have offered to provide help in the event of local emergencies, and those who consider themselves especially at risk. It allows us as a community to ensure we’re kept informed of current coronavirus guidance, and to offer a network of support for those who need it.

        This is co-ordinated through the Village Hall Membership, as this facility could become key in any type of emergency response, and membership provides consent to contact. If you haven’t already, please do sign up to be a Member of Morham Village Hall.

        We will also use the private Facebook Group ‘Morham-We Live Here’ to make requests for specific help such as shopping and picking up medicines etc for those self-isolating. Morham residents can join this group and to keep an eye for ways you could help. If you are not active on Facebook, you can register to join a response group with your mobile phone number.

        Please contact us through the Hall enquiry form:

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          The hunt for Morham Castle

          Due to the exciting initial finds made in the recent dig (there’s a report on its way), the archaeologists are keen to return for two weeks this time and will be looking for volunteers again.
          Even if you’re unable to volunteer, pop along and have a look, we’re so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity to discover more of the history on our doorstep!

          Dates to follow but likely end of March.