Garvald village is situated at the foothills of the Lammermuirs in East Lothian.

The garvald.org.uk domain name is funded by the Garvald Village Hall Trust and the Garvald website is sponsored by Lothian Broadband Limited, your local network cooperative. The website is managed by a group of volunteers (the Garvald Web Team) to provide the village with an on-line web presence supplying information for the local community and visitors.

The Home page provides a blog of the latest news and events information. Other pages are dedicated to the different organisations within the village and provide useful local information and links.

The Garvald Web Team’s Constitution can be downloaded here.

For security and to reduce spam messages, forms on the website use Google’s reCAPTCHA program to ensure you are a real person and not a computer SpamBot collecting email addresses. reCAPTCHA is free and using it helps to digitize books as you are deciphering images of text that character recognition software cannot read. For more information on how this works, see Google’s reCAPTCHA/learn more page.

Data Protection Policy:

  • Where possible we will aim to ensure that no personal contact data such as email addresses or phone numbers are published on the website, to maintain personal privacy.
  • Photographs will be used on the website mainly to record village events for posterity. When using photographs on the site verbal permission (and written consent where possible) will be sought from any identifiable people featured in the photo. People will not be named in any caption for a photograph, unless written consent has been obtained. If children (under 16s) are in the photo they themselves should be asked (if old enough to understand the question), in addition to their parents. Due to the nature of most village events it is not practical to have a large number of people signing release forms detailing how a photograph will be used on the website so we will generally use an ‘opt-out’ approach. At the time a photograph is taken, subjects will be told that their photo will appear on the website and time will be given to allow people time to move out of the way of the photograph if they wish. If a subject decides they are not happy with a particular photograph they can ask to have it removed from the site, which we will do with immediate effect. Permission will also be obtained from the photographer to protect their copyrighted work.