Missing Cat – Please look out for it.

Missing since Wednesday night: black and white female but mostly white with a distinctive black smudge on her nose. Chipped. Very out character to wander far. Kirkbrae area.
Please could people check their sheds etc, or use the contact form if you have seen her?
Any info would be much appreciated.

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MB Arts Classes in Garvald

MBArts will be holding FREE workshop Trials for BOTH of our classes after the October Holidays. Usually a free trial costs £5 so this is a great offer that should be taken advantage of!
visit www.mbarts.org to book now or send us a Facebook message @MBArts!

These weekly classes are designed to develop creativity and teamwork with specialised workshops tailored to develop skills in Movement, Vocals and Storytelling. Each session will focus on a brand new branch of the perfoming arts and all participants will put together everything they learn throughout the term and put on an end of term show in the last week. These classes are a perfect way for your child to meet new people, make new memories and learn new skills.

Ages: 6-8
Days: Wednesdays
Dates: 23rd October & 6th November
Times: 6 – 7pm
Location: Garvald Village Hall
Price: FREE

Ages: 9-13
Days: Thursdays
Dates: 24th October & 7th November
Times: 6 – 7pm
Location: Garvald Village Hall
Price: FREE

Children’s Hallowe’en Party 2019

The Children’s Halloween Party is on Thursday 31st October. Meet at the hall at 6pm to go guising in groups around the village, then back to the hall for the after-party! All welcome.
Any parents that can help with supervising guising groups would be much appreciated.
Fellow villagers please make it obvious with a pumpkin or some decoration if you are happy for the little ghosts & ghouls of Garvald to visit you!

Outdoor gym survey

A reminder to complete the feedback survey on the proposed outdoor gym project. This survey will be open until the end of the month. We are looking for feedback from everyone in the Garvald and Morham community council area including Morham residents (as part of the project would be to install 2 workstations there). Many thanks.

More information:

  • Project to be fully-funded by the CrystalRig wind farm funds
  • 3 – 5 small exercise workstations would be installed in the south west corner of Garvald park and 2 more by Morham village hall.
  • Equipment would be free for anyone to use and is suitable for adults of ALL ages and abilities (and teens aged 14+ years).
  • The workstations are from Proludic Ltd and will be selected by a local professional fitness trainer to suit an all-round fitness programme.
  • The proposed location in Garvald park is shown below.

Christmas Theatre trip – UPDATE – SOLD OUT

An Edinburgh Christmas Carol
Royal Lyceum Theatre
Sunday 15th December

The Christmas theatre trip is now fully booked for Morham and there are only four spaces left for Garvald, 76 people!

Eve’s Coaches will be picking us up this year, one from Morham and one from Garvald at noon.

Cost is per person is £5 (with Crystalrig Community Windfarm money generously supporting the rest – real cost is approx. £30 each)

If you know anyone who is new to the villages or a neighbour who might need a nudge to get organised, please do, it makes my job much easier if this is sorted well in advance. Remember, all must be residents of the ward.

A waiting list will be in operation so please let me know if your plans change or that you are still coming but won’t be using the buses.

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Would you use a local bus service?

East Lothian Council subsidises a number of bus services on routes where no alternative route exists, and where commercial bus operators would not be able to cover their costs if they delivered a service. Where a need is identified, the Council may subsidise a commercial operator to cover a whole route, or part of a route at a particular time of the day.

Do we have need for a public bus service to Morham and Garvald? It is difficult to live here without owning a car? Are there non-drivers, like teenagers or older people who would benefit? Could we see a situation where families could manage with one less car?

Find out how to give your views here: https://eastlothianconsultations.co.uk/policy-partnerships/supported-bus-routes-consultation/