New Garvald Bench

Sitting Pretty

You may have noticed that we have a new Bench at the top end of the village. The bench was arranged through the Community Council and paid for by the Crystal Rig Fund. Permission to site the bench was approved by Wemyss & March Estate who own the grass verge that the bench sits on. Please enjoy the view looking down the village after your stroll.

Window Cleaning Service

There is a window cleaner who is happy to come to Garvald if he/she can secure at least six households. No commitment, as yet, but please use the contact form, below, if you would be interested in this:

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Village Hall Update

Update from Gary McGregor,  Chair of Garvald Village Hall Trust

With lockdown gradually easing I thought I’d provide an update on Garvald village hall as it remains an integral part of our community.

As with so many other aspects of our lives, Covid – 19 has had a significant impact. The usual hall activities and bookings ceased for 5 months and even now are only recommencing in a limited way.

I’m pleased to advise that the Post Office has re-started its Thursday morning service with appropriate Covid precautions in place. The drama classes for children will begin again soon with the teacher ensuring the necessary safeguards are observed.

Notwithstanding the ongoing constraints that Covid imposes, the hall is available for use where the necessary Covid guidelines can be adhered to. We will ensure that thorough cleaning is undertaken as required.

Unfortunately, the budget that the committee set for 2020 has understandably been badly impacted. The major downside is that the income we had planned to generate from wedding bookings has not materialised as the bookings we had have all cancelled. However, it is hoped that they will re-book for 2021. Meanwhile some necessary expenditure has continued. The end result is that compared to 2019, upon which we based our 2020 budget, we are £4,000 down. In short, we have run at a loss and are now using the contingency funds that we have built up over the past few years. We can do so for some time but it is not sustainable long term.

Whilst we await the resumption of income generating activities the committee are exploring other sources of finance and fundraising. A date for your diary is 3pm Sunday 13th September when we plan to hold a socially distanced FUNdraising Quiz in the park. Watch out for the posters that will go up soon.

These are challenging times for all. But one positive aspect of Covid is that it has highlighted how lucky we are to live in such a caring and close-knit community. Let’s ensure that the village hall remains at the heart of who we are and what we do together.

Hope to see you 13th September.

Door Display Day – Tomorrow 2pm

It’s the ‘not the village show day’ tomorrow. Feeling bereft? Decorate your door instead – bunting, pots of plants, vase of flowers, basket of veg, art work, jam jars, sewing – get creative! Have doors ready by 2pm and for the kids – a door discovery trail (sweets on successful completion – bring a pencil).

Jo – on behalf of GHS Committee

Door Display Day – Next Saturday 22nd

In place of Garvald Village Show this year we invite you to ‘show’ your produce and creations at your doorstep! Decorate your door however you wish; bunting, pots of plants, vase of flowers, basket of veg, bunting, art work, jam jars, sewing – get creative! Have doors ready by 2pm – there will also be a kids trail around the village. And do make use of facebook page ‘Garvald Growers Makers and Bakers’ to share photos. Let’s keep the spirit of the Show – but in the street – to allow appropriate distancing!

Jo – on behalf of GHS Committee

VJ Day 2020: East Lothian Lieutenancy

This weekend marks the 75th anniversary of the final end to the Second World War with VJ Day. Many of the events which would have marked the occasion have been cancelled to to COVID-19.

There is a You Tube link, below, which has been prepared by Iain Clark of East Lothian Lieutenancy to mark the occasion:


Douglas Findlay – Window Cleaner

The collection for Douglas raised a fantastic £800! Douglas has now received the funds and the online card. He has expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed and he hopes to be able to visit the village and thank his customers, in person.

An extract from his email:

“I obviously don’t know what lies ahead of me in the coming months but I do know that I will pay a visit to all my customers and thank them individually. I think it’s the only way it can be done ,and I know it will probably take me more than one night to get through all my customers. There are some times when words can be difficult to find, but it not on this occasion A HUGE BIG ENORMOUS THANK YOU.”