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Table-top / Jumble Sale – Sunday 23rd June – Garvald

There will be a table top/jumble sale on Sunday 23rd June, 2-5pm, in Garvald Village Hall.

If you wish to hire a table and sell your wares, it is £10 a table. Please complete the contact form, below, for information.

Tea, coffee and cake will be served. Donations of cakes or biscuits would be appreciated.
Also, donations for jumble would be appreciated.

All proceeds of jumble and refreshments will go towards the village hall refurbishments.

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    East Lothian Garden Waste Permits

    Residents will be given an additional opportunity this year to register for a permit to receive collections of garden waste from East Lothian Council. The second registration period of 2024 will be open from 26 August to 6 September.

    This follows the first registration period which saw around 19,600 properties being registered to receive a fortnightly garden waste service from July.

    The Council is in the process of finalising the routing and schedule for those who have already signed up. Residents who have registered during this period will shortly receive their permit sticker and collection calendars.

    Garden waste permits cost £35 per property.

    Residents wishing to sign up for the service between 26 August and 6 September will be able to do so online until 3:30pm on Friday 6 September.

    Those who sign up during this window will have their collections run from 21 October 2024 to 1 September 2025.

    Find out more about garden waste: Brown bin – monthly garden waste collections | Waste and recycling services for households | East Lothian Council

    Further updates and reminders will be issued.

    Parking on Pavements in Garvald and East Lothian

    East Lothian Council will be enforcing parking on pavements in the future. We, as a Community Council, will be asking for an exemption order as you come into the village and on the corner going towards the church where parking on the pavement takes place at the moment. If implemented the fine is £100 reduced to £50 if paid within a specified time.

    Parking on pavements, double parking and parking at lowered kerbs causes inconvenience, safety and accessibility issues for all. It causes challenges for vulnerable road users, such as children, due to restricted visibility when trying to cross the road safely and particularly affects those with visual or physical impairments or mobility issues such as wheelchair users or carers with prams and buggies, often forcing them to use the live carriageway to proceed past an obstruction.

    The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 provided powers for local authorities to prohibit pavement parking, double parking and lowered kerb parking. These powers became live when the Parking Prohibitions (Enforcement and Accounts) (Scotland) Regulations 2023 came into force on 11th December 2023. The aim of this new legislation is to improve walking conditions for pedestrians and to grant local authorities additional enforcement powers to help keep footways and lowered kerbs clear of parked vehicles.

    The default position is that parking on pavements (which includes partly on pavements), double parking and parking at lowered kerbs is now unlawful throughout Scotland.

    For roads where enforcement of this legislation may cause significant operational or practical difficulties the legislation permits roads authorities, such as East Lothian Council, to create exemption orders which would permit parking on pavements for specified roads which meet strict criteria.

    To promote an exemption order the authority must be able to evidence that:

    1. The road carriageway width is insufficient to permit vehicles previously parked on the pavement to park on the road without obstructing the free flow of traffic, particularly emergency service vehicles. For practical purposes this means that the carriageway must be a minimum of 5.5 metres from kerb to kerb or verge to verge.

    2. That the pavement is sufficiently wide to permit pavement parking while maintaining a continuous, minimum clear passage of 1.5 metres for pedestrians and other users.

    3. If neither of these criteria can be met, then an exemption order cannot be made and parking restrictions may have to be considered to prevent obstruction of the road.

    In preparation for the introduction of the regulations all roads across East Lothian were visually assessed during the day and in the evenings, aiming to provide an understanding of parking behaviour and in particular the potential impact and / or displacement of vehicles where footway parking currently exists.

    This exercise has identified several roads requiring to be formally subject to detailed assessment. This will involve staff carrying out site visits to measure footway and carriageway width at these locations to identify whether an Exemption Order to allow footway parking may be appropriate or whether parking restrictions may be required where the footway is not wide enough to accommodate parking, but the road would be blocked as a result.

    While officers have identified several roads where exemption orders or parking restrictions there may be required, those who live and work in our communities have the best local knowledge of their areas.

    Chair, Garvald & Morham CC

    East Lothian Climate Hub – Energy Saving Measures – Volunteers Required

    In an effort to optimise energy efficiency  of households, the East Lothian Climate Hub is acquiring a thermal imaging camera for Garvald and Morham. Reports will be issued showing areas of any heat loss and recommended measures to improve insulation .

    We are looking for four local volunteers to help. This would entail attending a training course, in East Lothian, and visiting around one household per week during the six months of winter/cold weather.

    If you are interested in helping, please complete the contact form, below:

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      PUBlic Philosophy at The Garvald Inn – Wednesday 5th June

      On Wednesday 5th June, 8-10pm (not Thursday as usual), we will have an ad hoc PUBlic Philosophy event. Pascal Brixel (from Northwestern University in Chicago), Jan Kandiyali (from the University of York), and Barry Maguire (University of Edinburgh) will attempt to make a case for Twenty-First Century CommunismWe will offer a moral argument rather than an economic one, and rather than offering criticisms of capitalism (which is shooting fish in a barrel) we will develop a positive case for a radical alternative, based on the value of solidarity in our productive lives. All welcome as always. ¡Viva la Revolución!