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Parking in Haddington: Drop-In Discussion Sessions

See the news release from East Lothian Council, below, announcing details of two further public drop-in sessions to discuss plans to enhance parking provision in Haddington. The events will be held in the Town House on 25th and 26th February from 2pm to 7.30pm each day.

Everyone with an interest in the subject is welcome to attend. Further details here:

Haddington drop in sessions Feb 2020 (1)

Would you use a local bus service?

East Lothian Council subsidises a number of bus services on routes where no alternative route exists, and where commercial bus operators would not be able to cover their costs if they delivered a service. Where a need is identified, the Council may subsidise a commercial operator to cover a whole route, or part of a route at a particular time of the day.

Do we have need for a public bus service to Morham and Garvald? It is difficult to live here without owning a car? Are there non-drivers, like teenagers or older people who would benefit? Could we see a situation where families could manage with one less car?

Find out how to give your views here:

East Lothian Archaeology and Local History Fortnight

East Lothian’s annual Archaeology and Local History Fortnight is from 31 August – 15 September 2019, organised by East Lothian Council Archaeology Service.

There will be lots of different events, from walks and talks to archaeological digs, providing an opportunity for everyone to get involved in the heritage of East Lothian.

This year has the biggest programme ever with lots of exciting events. Download the programme or pick up a copy at a local library or museum.