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Met Office Weather Update

Remaining windy and cold on Wednesday with further showers pushing in from the west. Winds will be strongest again in the west but aren’t expected to be as strong as today so warnings look unlikely at this stage.
Turning slightly milder on Thursday with some rain and snow melt; the potential for any localised flooding issues will be assessed later in the week.
Friday will be windy across the far north but likely turning more settled across much of the country.

The latest warnings can be seen on Hazard Manager, on the Met Office App:

or the Met Office website:

Advice for travelling in storms, rain and strong winds can be found here.
Please also see this morning’s Flood Guidance Statement for the most up to date information on the coastal flood risk across Scotland over the next five days.


As a result of stormy winds coming from the South West since New Year several large, very rigid, foam insulation boards have been blown into the Garvald park and become trapped amongst saplings on the steep bank above the Papana Water. A large amount of smaller detritus can also be seen trapped against fences in the field above the park. The full-size boards are approximately 3m square and 240mm thick.

The flying boards, in gale-force winds, represent a potentially lethal hazard to people and animals. They could easily damage windows of the houses, greenhouses and vehicles and bring down power cables.

The community council, as a matter of urgency, is trying to find out where these boards might be coming from. Anything that might take off in high winds should be stored inside or stacked properly tied and weighted down.

If you have an idea about where these hazards might be coming from please contact Philip White (Community Council Chairman) via the contact form, below:

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Avril Blamire

We are informed of the sad passing of Avril Blamire, Rose Cottage, Garvald on Thursday 12th December 2019, after a long illness. She was a long-time resident of Garvald and a respected artist and musician.

CHRISTMAS in Garvald Church

1st December @ 9.30 am – First Sunday in Advent. Service in Garvald

8th December@ 9.30 am – Second Sunday in Advent. Service in Morham

15th December @9.30 am- Third Sunday in Advent. Service in Garvald

22nd December @ 9.30 am – Fourth Sunday in Advent. Service in Morham followed by Christmas brunch

24th December @ 6.00 pm – Christmas Eve Service in Garvald followed by mulled wine and mince pies in The Stables

24th December@ 11.30 pm  – Watchnight Service in Morham

Everybody welcome!!

GMCC Agenda for meeting on Monday 2nd December, 7pm in Morham Village Hall

The next meeting of the Garvald and Morham Community Council will be held on Monday 2nd December 2019 at 7pm in Morham Village Hall. Everyone welcome.


1. Attendance and Apologies
2. Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising
3. Play Map for Gifford & Garvald
4. Update from Ian Middlemass, Treasurer
5. Update from Haddington & Lammermuir Area Partnership
6. Report from Phillip White, Garvald Neighbourhood Watch
7. Garvald Exercise Equipment Update
8. Morham to Garvald Path Update
9. Morham De-Fibrulator Update
10. Garvald Bench
11. Morham Interpretation Board Update
12. Garvald and Morham Updates from Hall Representatives
13. A.O.B.
14. Date of Next Meeting – Monday 3rd February 2020 at Garvald Village Hall