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ELC Discretionary Fund for Business

Do you know of any East Lothian businesses or self-employed people who have not yet qualified for any COVID-19-related support grant funding?

Please make them aware that East Lothian Council’s Discretionary Fund is now open for applications, with a closing date of 5pm on Monday 8th February – so it’s very important that applications are submitted quickly.

More details are in the news release issued yesterday. The application form will be on our dedicated business support web page – which also contains other really useful information on grants, loans & other financial support for businesses at this time.

Free Online Safety Classes – Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland would like to share that, Lead Scotland are hosting FREE online safety classes for members of the public during February 2021. The classes will be especially useful for disabled people, carers or those who might find it harder to use the internet safely, but they are open and suitable for everyone.  All classes are free and open to the public.

We are offering 1 hour zoom classes in:

  • How to Create Strong Passwords
  • How to Remember Your Password
  • Online Scams: How to Spot Them and What To Do
  • Learn More About Complex Online Scams

We’re also giving webinars for practitioners and organisations about how to give online safety information in an accessible manner:

  • Cyber Attacks: What To Do and Where To Get Help
  • How To Promote Digital Safety in an Accessible Manner
  • How to Promote Digital safety to Those With Low IT Confidence

To sign up please follow this link to see the programme of training: 

GMCC Agenda

Please see the link, below, to the agenda for the Garvald & Morham Community Council meeting on Monday 1st February at 7pm via the online platform, Zoom. Please use the contact form if you wish to be sent log in details.

Zoom CC Meeting Feb 2021

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    Lost iPhone

    An iPhone 7 was lost in Garvald on Saturday 23rd January.  It is rose gold and in a silicone case with little reindeers on the back.

    It is possibly buried in the snow.  If anyone spots it please contact Laura on 830 367

    Thank you

    Garvald and Morham Community Council

    The Garvald & Morham Community Council will be holding our first meeting on Monday 1st February at 7pm. This will be a virtual meeting held on the Zoom platform.

    If you would like to join our meeting, please fill in the form below to receive the log in details nearer the time.

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      Please Play Safely

      A concerned resident of the village has requested that parents remind their children that playing by the Papana Water, when it is as high and fast flowing as it is at the moment, is potentially dangerous. Yesterday, they witnessed a child playing by clinging onto a structure overhanging the burn from which they could easily have fallen in and been swept away.

      Also, the state of the old building on the land on the south side of the burn (in the Apple Tree/Linden Cottage/Africa area) but accessed via the bridge beside Juniper Cottage is very poor with a partial collapse of the roof having occurred last year. It would also be wise for parents to ensure children do not attempt to enter or play near to that building.

      Leigh Thomson

      Jimmie, Norma, Murray, Tracy and Scott would like to thank everyone for the kind messages of comfort and support we have received since our lovely Leigh passed away on Monday.   We can’t imagine what our lives will be like without her popping in and out, and invariably leaving us in fits of laughter, but the kindness and warmth of our friends and neighbours will go a long way to easing our grief.

      Thank you all.