Neighbourhood Watch

For more information on the village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, contact Phillip White using the form below. Neighbourhood watch signs and window stickers have been funded by the Garvald & Morham Community Council’s Local Priority Fund.

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    Safety Information

    Who should I call in the event of an incident?

    If you feel threatened, unsafe, or suspicious of a caller, contact the Police immediately on 999. If you see something suspicious in Garvald or want more advice about doorstep crime, contact the Police on 101. Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    Car Safety

    With the recent criminal activity in Garvald and the theft of cars in local villages, let’s do all we can to minimize the avoidable:

    • Always lock your car even if you store it in a garage. Double lock if your car has this feature as any criminal would have to break the window to gain access.
    • Do not keep the registration document in the car.
    • It used to be the norm for the car key numbers to be written down in the handbook or on the car pass which is in the handbook pack. Make sure these key numbers are not stored in your car. If a car thief has the log book and the key numbers it is possible for them to convince a dealer to supply a spare key. Some cars need to have the keys programmed to the car as well but not all.

    Preparing for Winter

    Grit bins and shovels are available throughout the villages of Garvald and Morham for use of the local community. If you can, please offer your help to your neighbours, perhaps by clearing their paths or by offering to pick up essential groceries. If you’d like to volunteer to be part of a ‘shovelling squad’ to help those who need it, or feel that you may need any extra assistance in the event of severe weather, please contact us.

    Websites about preparing for winter: