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Lost Property …

There are a couple of kiddies’ garments sitting on the bench outside the Hall. A wee green jacket and a grey pullover. Do remember to pick them up if they’re yours.

Bingley cat returns…

A message has been received from Kerry and Stevie about their missing cat, Bingley. They would like to thank everyone for the messages and phone calls with sightings and want to let you know that he walked in on Thursday of last week looking none-the-worse for his four month holiday.

Anyone lost a ring?

One was found last night, on the pavement near the loos in front of the village hall … Please contact James and Katy Mowat if it could be yours – call 830200.

Missing cat

Kerry and Stevie are missing a cat…

He is jet black and goes by the name of Bingley. He was last seen on Wednesday and is not a permanent resident of the village so may have wandered off into unknown territory and got lost. If you see him or know where he is, please call us on 830276 or pop in and see us at Ballyrogan.

Many thanks,

Kerry and Stevie