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Sunday 29/03/2020: Further Delivery Information

DELIVERY OPTIONS FROM: Welch Fish, Knox Newsagents, Gilmours Butchers…

Welch fish from Newhaven are delivering fish most days and are happy to include our community if anyone wants to order from them. They do have a list (hopefully they have a webpage) but generally have most fish/seafood.                                                                             Email for orders is: and Telephone: 0131 552 5883.

Also Knox Newsagents (Dunbar) are still (at the moment) delivering papers in the village each morning. They may be able to include 1 pint of milk, each day, to a paper delivery. If they are coming to the village, anyway, they may be happy to add anyone to their list.                 Telephone: 01368 862662.

Info re orders to Gilmours Butchers, Tranent. If you wish to order from them the minimum spend is £25 with a small amount extra for delivery (please check when ordering if you’re happy with delivery charge). Can you please have your order in for 12 noon on Wednesday and they will deliver on Thursday. Please phone and ask for Paula and say you are part of the Garvald order. If £25 is too much for your weekly spend on meat perhaps consider organising a joint order with neighbours – but please always observe social distancing measures.             Telephone number is 01875 616111 and their website is

Friday 27/03/2020: Andersons Food Delivery Update

Information from George Andersons –

If we can all have our individual orders in for 11.00am on Mondays they will deliver on Tuesdays direct to everyone’s door with no contact. Please order and pay over the phone (01875 616950) with your card.

The boxes contain:

1 kg onions
1 kg carrots
1 x 2 kg white cabbage
1 kg leeks
2 kg potatoes
2 x 250 gms p/pack broccoli
3 x mixed peppers
1 x cucumber
6 x satsumas
3 x red apples
3 x green apples
1 kg bananas
4 only tomatoes
1 only Iceberg lettuce

The cost of the box is £25 and a full range of bakery, dairy and dried produce is also available. Please contact the sales team on 01875 616950 for more information and to order.


IMPORTANT – Emergency Resilience Team

We have been liaising with outside companies to discuss food deliveries to the village. Andersons can deliver fruit/veg/milk/cheese & bread and Gilmours can deliver meat. I don’t have any details yet regarding days & times of delivery, or indeed prices, but I’d like to gauge interest at this point so we can relay it back to Anderson & Gilmours. I expect that we would all place our own orders & pay for them over the phone but, this way, the orders will be streamlined to ensure the companies aren’t driving back & forth or are overstretched.

If you are interested in placing orders with either, please use the contact form below. If you think you may have any difficulties with ordering then please let us know – we’re happy to help.

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CONTACTS Emergency Resilience Team

Tuesday 24/03/2020: Possible Grocery Delivery?

If anyone is interested, The Mart Farm Shop in East Linton are doing deliveries within 6 miles of their base. They have a selection of fresh and dried/tinned food as well as household items. If there is enough interest, they would take on a delivery to Garvald (and possibly Morham, too) and have asked for an idea of numbers. They don’t yet have a list of available items but they are working on it.

If you are interested in getting deliveries please use the contact form, below, and I’ll get back to them:

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Friday 20/03/2020: Changes to Bin Collection – East Lothian Council

WASTE and recycling collections across East Lothian will be suspended or reduced from Monday until further notice.

This is due to staff shortages as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.
Green and blue recycling boxes will still be emptied on their usual day but, rather than both being emptied at the same time, the green box will be emptied on the first fortnight and the blue box the second fortnight.
There will be no more brown bin collections as these have been suspended until further notice.

Food waste and green bins for non-recyclable waste will still be collected as usual but the council urge that containers are placed out on the morning of collection by 7am.
Where staffing allows, the council will try and honour any special uplift collections that have been booked.
If items have not been collected by 3pm on the booked day, take them off the kerbside and contact the council to arrange an alternative date.
Recycling centres are still open as normal and limits on vans and trailers remain in place; however, some centres may close at short notice.