Outdoor gym survey

A reminder to complete the feedback survey on the proposed outdoor gym project. This survey will be open until the end of the month. We are looking for feedback from everyone in the Garvald and Morham community council area including Morham residents (as part of the project would be to install 2 workstations there). Many thanks.

More information:

  • Project to be fully-funded by the CrystalRig wind farm funds
  • 3 – 5 small exercise workstations would be installed in the south west corner of Garvald park and 2 more by Morham village hall.
  • Equipment would be free for anyone to use and is suitable for adults of ALL ages and abilities (and teens aged 14+ years).
  • The workstations are from Proludic Ltd and will be selected by a local professional fitness trainer to suit an all-round fitness programme.
  • The proposed location in Garvald park is shown below.