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There have been some changes to the platform used to send out news emails.

Going forward, the 5pm email alerts which go out to subscribers every time new information is posted will now only occur on Tuesdays and Fridays.

When you get an email alert, please remember to scroll down in order to see ALL new posts.

If you have not yet subscribed to these emails, you can do so here:

Garvald newsletter – subscribe

Writers for the village website

Note from website manager:

Having built and managed the village website for seven and a half years it is time to hand over my work, as we will be moving away from the village in the coming months.

New writers needed

We currently have a few writers who contribute on behalf of the various Garvald and Morham village groups but I am looking for someone to publish general blog posts and deal with any email enquiries received through the website contact form. I will make sure any new writers are fully trained and supported.

New website manager required

At the moment I will continue to manage the technical and privacy aspects of the WordPress site management but if you have experience of managing WordPress-hosted websites and you’d like to take on this task, please let me know.

You can contact me via the website contact form.



Protecting your data

GDPR reaches Garvald…

Yes, the tendrils of GDPR and the new data protection laws are far-reaching, affecting even tiny groups such as the village website and the horticultural society. But we are on the case!

If you are happy to continue receiving email updates from the village website, then just have a read of the information below – no action required! Please note that you can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of the email or by contacting us.

Here’s the gist of our data privacy policy:

Website Privacy Notice

To run the village website we operate a latest news mailing list (using MailChimp) and deal with email enquiries sent via the contact form – so we are mostly dealing with your email addresses.

We have delved into the details of our data collection and have found:

  • We know what personal information we hold and why we hold it.
  • We only hold and use what we data need to do the job (such as provide village news and announcements).
  • We keep your personal information up to date (or you can easily update your mailing list subscription yourself).
  • We keep your personal information secure and confidential.
  • We will deal with a data breach within 72 hours, informing you and the Information Commissioners Office where necessary, i.e. in cases which might expose you to serious risk.
  • We make it easy for you to withdraw your personal information (you can unsubscribe at any time from our mailing list).

Our Website Privacy Notice is on the About/Privacy page if you want to read more.

Garvald Horticultural Society – Membership Data Protection

Garvald Horticultural Society collects membership data in order to run the annual village show. They have a separate Privacy Notice governing protection of this data. In summary, only personal data necessary to run the show is collected. This data is stored securely, not shared with third parties and only accessed by members of the Committee dealing with membership tasks. If you want to read more, the Garvald Horticultural Society’s Privacy Notice is available on the Garvald Horticultural Society page. 

If you have any questions, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Website severe weather updates

Just to let you know that there are an increased number of posts being published on this website at the moment, to keep local people updated in these severe weather conditions. These posts will be sent out daily on the automatic email updates service, as usual. However, some information has also been emailed out as soon as it has been received, to get information to people at the earliest opportunity – so please bear with us if you find you are receiving emails with duplicate information.

Amazon Prime

Residents of Garvald have recently been sent a leaflet in the post from Amazon, offering them a free year of Amazon Prime whether you are an existing subscriber or have never tried Amazon Prime before.

Ten villages in the UK have been identified by Amazon as amongst the most frequent Amazon customers over the ten years since it launched its premium service. To celebrate 10 years of Prime, Amazon is giving away the freebie, worth £79, as a thank you to some of its most loyal customers. In Garvald’s rural location it make sense for us to buy online rather than making multiple visits to the shops, and if you use Amazon for online shopping, the offer is worth taking up.

Amazon Prime gives you free one day delivery on items bought from Amazon, unlimited access to TV and movies from Prime Video and access to Prime Music. Doug Gurr, UK Country Manager at Amazon, reported in the news that: “We’re thrilled to be giving Prime membership to these residents, who are some of our most loyal Amazon customers. It’s our pleasure to reward those who are already members with 12 additional months on us, and for those that haven’t yet tried Prime we hope they will enjoy a chance to experience all the great benefits that come with it.”

To access the free year’s subscription, use the unique code (which can only be used once) provided on the leaflet sent out to you by Amazon’s marketing department this week (shown above). If you do not wish to renew the service after your free year, please remember to cancel the subscription just before the year is up. When you sign up you can trigger an email to remind you about the renewal date.

Garvald website hosting

Just to let you know that we will be switching to a new website hosting company in the near future. Please bear with us if there are any teething problems but hopefully it will all go smoothly and you won’t even notice.

Website updates by email

For those of you who are new to the website…

We provide a service where you can sign up and get the latest news from the Garvald and Morham village website, direct to your email inbox. Just click on the ‘Subscribe to our mailing list’ link on the right hand side of the website’s ‘Home‘ page and enter your email address to sign up.



More photos added to the Gallery…

Tim Flinn has kindly lent us his selection of Ye Olde Garvald photos which have now been scanned and uploaded to the Gallery. As we don’t know who took these photos Tim has been credited as the source. Thanks, Tim! If anyone has any further historical village photos we can add them to the site as a work in progress.

Garvald Poetry Competition 2013 – Results

The Garvald Poetry Competition was organised to celebrate National Poetry Day, 3rd October 2013. After reading and re-reading over a hundred entries, judge Liz Lochhead has chosen her winners. Her comments are published along with the winning entries on the Poetry Competition 2013 page. In addition we have published a booklet online containing all entries for you to read and enjoy (downloadable in PDF format).

We would like to express our thanks to Liz for being our judge; with so many entries it was a tremendous undertaking. We would also like to thank Garvald and Morham Community Council for providing funds for the book token prizes and Georgi Gill, Learning Manager at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh, for her support and for donating some lovely poetry books as prizes, on behalf of the Scottish Poetry Library.

The winners are as follows…

Category: 5-7 years

Winner: Molly Mack (I Can See Water)
Second: Rudie Shearer (Bubbles in the Jacuzzi)
Runner Up: Fergus Montgomery (The Rocky Water)

Category: 8-10 years

Joint Winner: Isla Kilkenny (Waterfalls)
Joint Winner: Craig Milligan (Floods)
Runner Up: Lochie Bruneau (Waterfall)

Category:11-13 years

Winner: Murron Bland (The Sea is Full of Life)
Second: Hubie Litherland (Battle on The Seas)
Runner Up: Arabella Flame (Fish)

Congratulations to the winners. We hope you enjoy your prizes. And congratulations to all entrants for their fabulous range of poems of all different styles. We hope you have been inspired by this competition to continue your poetry-writing.