Garvald Bob-a-Job: this Sunday 7th April, 1-4pm

Car need a wash? Leaves need swept up? Logs need stacked?

Some of the primary 7s at Yester Primary School will be knocking on doors in Garvald on Sunday afternoon seeking tidying up tasks, in return for a small donation. This is part of fundraising towards the whole class residential trip away in June. They will be going to the Benmore outdoor learning centre in Argyll, where they will do lots of exciting, adventurous things away from parents and devices. Pupils are doing a variety of fundraising tasks in small groups to contribute to the overall fund. They will be under (loose) parental supervision – the idea being that the kids are doing the task themselves!  All donations very gratefully received.

Any questions – get in touch with Jo or Kathleen via the contact form.