Message for Morham residents

We know that in this little community you will be looking out for each other and helping your neighbours at a time like this but we want to ensure that everyone has the support they need.

The Morham Resilience Register already exists as a community-wide list of those who have offered to provide help in the event of local emergencies, and those who consider themselves especially at risk. It allows us as a community to ensure we’re kept informed of current coronavirus guidance, and to offer a network of support for those who need it.

This is co-ordinated through the Village Hall Membership, as this facility could become key in any type of emergency response, and membership provides consent to contact. If you haven’t already, please do sign up to be a Member of Morham Village Hall.

We will also use the private Facebook Group ‘Morham-We Live Here’ to make requests for specific help such as shopping and picking up medicines etc for those self-isolating. Morham residents can join this group and to keep an eye for ways you could help. If you are not active on Facebook, you can register to join a response group with your mobile phone number.

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