Morham Defibrillator Training

Q1 – Is there training on how to use the new Automated Defibrillator?
A1 – YES!!! Sunday 15th March, in the Village Hall at 2pm
Q2 – Great!! how do let the organisers know I want to attend?
A2  – Easy – just send an email to
asking to join
Q3 – I’m a bit nervous about this – is there anything I need to know?
A3 – No!! The training will cover off what  a Defib does, and how and when to use one.
Q4 – Is there an exam?
A4 – No – this is just a course to give you confidence in using one, should the need arise.
Q5 – Why on earth would I need to use one?
A5  – Well, hopefully you won’t – but you might want to read this story before making your mind up, currently trending on the BBC News website –