Update on Morham Resilience

Firstly, a big thank you to all those who have offered support. We have a great, supportive, community and things are moving quickly so the main thing is that we are connected.  So, to update on where and how to access information and assistance.

General Morham-specific information:
The main information channel for Morham residents will be ‘Morham – We Live Here‘  Facebook group. This is only for residents and will be used for Morham-specific information.
We will not be replacing national advice channels so please continue to refer to Scottish Government, NHS and East Lothian Council for updated information (see below for links).
If you are not happy to be on Facebook, please contact us through the contact form below to make us aware that you are not able to access this loop.

Requests / Offers for specific Assistance:
The assist/risk register is our central record of residents who have opted in to help out or would like us to know they may need extra support. This list is protected and confidential within the Resilience Group, and all data held according to the Data Privacy Policy of Morham Village Hall. We will use this register to create links in response to requests for assistance.

We have contacted a volunteer from this register in many of our housing clusters to ask them to be a point of contact in case our movements are made more limited. Please let us know if you are able to help with this, we are not yet 100% coverage.

Examples of Morham Specific Services you will see on the Facebook group:
– The owner of Lanterne Rouge is a resident and is offering delivery of evening meal from the cafe to those stuck at home as he heads home.

– Johnson’s Fruit and Veg van will visit the car park behind Mainshill Steading on Tuesday at 11am. If you are not currently leaving the house, please let us know as they can make up boxes for doorstep drops.

Obviously things are changing rapidly so please join the group for most up to date information.

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