Would you like to see the return of the Christmas Theatre Trip?

For many years we had a Garvald and Morham annual trip to the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh for the Christmas show. Your Community Council would like to know if you would enjoy the return of this trip.

This year’s offering at the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh is
The Snow Queen

Aince upon a time, in a world lang forgotten, strange creatures roamed the land…
When the beautiful and fearsome Snow Queen steals young Kei away to her frozen kingdom, she leaves behind the brave and brilliant Gerda, an Edinburgh lass who will stop at nothing to rescue her best friend.
But the Snow Queen has lodged shards of her magical ice into Kei’s heart, turning him cold and mean. Can Gerda, with the help of friends she meets along the way, track her pal through the magical, wintery world of the Snow Queen and melt his frozen heart before it’s too late?
Join us for a beautiful, festive and musical adventure as we follow young Gerda on her quest to save Kei, and the world, from an eternal winter. Snow, songs, ice palaces, and a dazzling pink unicorn awaits!

Tickets are £35- £29 each plus approx £10 each for bus hire, but with Community Council subsidy, each ticket, including return bus travel would be offered at £7.50 per person. You must be a resident of the Garvald and Morham ward and the show is suitable for children over 5 and their families.
This would hopefully be a Sunday matinee in early December, depending on ticket availability.

Please note your interest on this form. Deadline is 21st October.

More show information https://lyceum.org.uk/events/the-snow-queen-23-24