1st December – the countdown to Christmas…

Santa’s coming to Garvald.
I know he came last year,
And he sent a message saying
He’ll be back again, don’t fear.

His message was delivered
By a special Christmas Elf.
Well, we cannot expect him
To deliver it himself!

He has a busy evening,
Like every Christmas Eve.
He won’t have time to linger,
He’ll bring our gifts, then leave.

He’s coming to the village
Because the girls and boys,
Well known for good behaviour,
Deserve to get some toys.

He’ll fly in with his reindeer,
He’ll ride upon his sleigh.
He’ll sprinkle Christmas magic
As he travels on his way.

Santa’s coming to Garvald.
He’ll come on Christmas Eve.
Let him know he’s welcome
By shouting “I Believe!”

by Judith Blatherwick