Garvald School

Received a message from Bill Anderson which may be of interest to you all… Hoping he’ll send on some more historical photos to go on the website Gallery.

Hi there,
I have just found your web site and thought I would get in touch, our dad was John Anderson who was headmaster of the two teacher Garvald Primary through the 1950’s until the late 1960’s, when we moved to Rosewell. I was brought up in Garvald at the school house from 1953 until 1968 and it was a wonderful place to grow up in at that time of innocence. Sadly our dad passed away in September 2015 at the grand age of 96 and my twin brother may have some photos of Garvald school that may be of interest to you.

4 thoughts on “Garvald School

  1. Anne White

    Hi, my husband and I live in the old school Garvald and we would love to see any photos that you or your brother might have of the school or Garvald.

  2. Charles Runcie

    Bill – my younger brother Ian was in the last Garvald Primary School roll from 1967-8, one of around 9-10 pupils there that year.

    1. Linda

      Hi Charles. I also went to Garvald primary school in the 1960’s. My name is Linda and we lived at Tanderlane. I used to help with your parents horses.

  3. Caroline McGregor

    Hello Bill
    We live in the Schoolhouse now. Would love to hear any stories.

    Caroline McGregor

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