Halloween party

Q: What is a ghost’s favourite pudding?
A: I-scream!

Best Halloween joke ever, courtesy of the Beano!

Kids, get your best Halloween outfits, jokes and tricks ready for the children’s Halloween party  and guising on Wednesday 31st October from 6-8pm.

If everyone could meet at the hall we will split up into two groups and do trick or treat around the village. This is a return to our tried-and-tested set-up which suits the trick-or-treaters and also suits residents who are not keen on a night of doorbell ringing.

We will return to the hall for some games, doughnuts and apple dooking!

Villagers, if you are happy for guisers to visit you, please leave a light on or a pumpkin at the door. If you are not available or don’t want a visit, please let us know or leave your porch/hall lights off. Thanks.