Lost ferret

Local resident Paul Kennedy has sent a message asking people to look out for his lost pet ferret, last seen at the turn-off to Morham and heading towards Garvald. The ferret is a pale cream colour with hint of ginger around the neck. If anyone has spotted him, please contact us here.

2 thoughts on “Lost ferret

  1. Paul

    Yes it may have been, please if you see him again can you stop and pick him up, he doesn’t bite,
    Paul Kennedy, Sandersdean

  2. Jim Pattison

    I saw what I thought was a stoat in white winter coat this morning about 8.15am. I was driving on road down from chesters down towards Morham turn off and saw stoat (?) on left hand side just about 100yards short of the big barn. It came out into middle of road and then retreated back into hedge when it saw my car. Could it have been your ferret?

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