New Year – New Idea – Garvald Transport Cooperative

There are a few people in Garvald who do not have their own transport, or who occasionally have transport issues (like flat tyres!) On the other hand there are quite a few people in Garvald who regularly drive to Gifford or Haddington, Dunbar or even Edinburgh. Maybe it would be worthwhile to set up a network so these people can communicate with each other?

The idea is simple – a WhatsApp group. You fill in the form below and ask for your phone number to be added to the GTC (Garvald Transport Cooperative) group. Doesn’t matter if you are a transport provider or requester.

When somebody needs a lift into Haddington say, they simply put a message on the Whatsapp group. If anybody is available and willing they can respond. The requester of course doesn’t need to accept that offer. They can hope for somebody else (maybe with a more reliable car!) or try another route.

It’s worth a shot don’t you think? If anybody has suggestions about how to improve the idea or can think of a funkier name please get in touch.

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