Summer school scholarship

MBArts is offering a paid scholarship to their summer school. Mary-Beth explains more:

“As someone who works with children daily I am constantly faced with young people that love Drama and the Arts but their parents for whatever reason cannot fund their passion. Equally due to the lack of funding for the Creative Arts in general by the Government, many schools don’t even have the Creative Arts on their syllabus.

I ask myself: What can I do to make a difference? What can I do to help those with a passion have the same opportunities as those who have the financial means to support their dreams?

I wish this problem was easy to fix but it’s not. However, thanks to the generous donations of others as passionate as I am about the Creative Arts, I am able to offer one individual who meets the requirements bellow a Scholarship to attend MBArts Summer School for one FULL WEEK Monday-Friday for free!

I know that many are deserving of this sort of support but even a small step like this can make such a difference to a young person’s life.

Request an application from and submit it by 5pm on the 21st of June for the recipient to be announced on Monday the 24th of June.”

SCHOLARSHIP information