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Meeting about Diamond Jubilee: 7pm on 19/4/12

The next meeting about Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Garvald and Morham will happen in Garvald Village Hall at 7pm on Thursday 19th April. Thanks to GMCC, we have a budget to spend on the festivities. So all we need now are bright ideas and willing volunteers. As such, it would be great to see representatives from both villages there, and the outlying farms and cottages. If you cant make it, but want to be involved, drop us a line here. Many thanks in advance.

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee?

This year is Diamond Jubilee year. And in order to explore how best to celebrate, there will be a brainstorming meeting in the village hall on Saturday 24th March at 11am. If you have any bright ideas, please do come along. There will be coffee and biscuits! If you can’t make it, but still want to get involved, let Caroline, Shirley or Katy know. Or contact us¬†Thank-you very much!