Crystal Rig Windfarm Funds 2015-16

The Crystal Rig Windfarm fund is a community benefit fund available for the community of Garvald and Morham to carry out improvements to their local area in any sphere, including the environment, local amenity or tourism. Each year, the wind farm allocates an amount of money to the community council, who then administer its disbursement to the community. The total amount of money available is based on the installed capacity of the wind farm.

Here’s what Garvald & Morham Community Council has approved and paid out from our Wind Farm monies since October 2015. There is a great variety of funding that has taken place over the past year I am sure you will agree.


Morham Community, Ltd Company & Charitable Status £3,000.00
Garvald Hogmanay Fund December 2015 £1,200.00
Garvald & Morham Xmas Trip 2015 £1,164.00
Garvald Village Hall Lighting £4,913.00
Yester Nursery Play Project £5,000.00
Scott Thomson, Judo Expenses £2,000.00
Garvald Village Hall  Secondary Glazing £5,000.00
Daisy Ingram, Violin £145.00
Isaac Ingram, Guitar amps and accessories £143.24
Alasdair Easton, Chanter £45.00
Rudie Shearer, Club cycling costs £273.00
Alasdair Easton, Club cycling costs  £273.00
Rudie Shearer, Morham Runners  £200.00
Harry Lee, Morham Runners £200.00
Molly Clark, Morham Runners £200.00
Robbie Clark, Morham Runners £200.00
Garvald & Morham Choir £320.00
Garvald & Morham Xmas Theatre Trip £1,600.00
Lucy Ballantyne, Swimming Expenses £1,000.00
Aidan Ballantyne, Swimming Expenses  £1,000.00
Haddington & District Swim Club, French Swimming Exchange Visit £3,000.00

Total: £30,876.24

As you will be aware the current committee will hold it’s last meeting in Garvald on October 3rd prior to the Elections taking place, to elect a new committee. If you’d like to be involved in the Crystal Rig funding process, please come and join the committee. Meetings are bi-monthly, alternating in Garvald and Morham village halls.

Consideration is be given to all types of project that benefit the local community, and the Community Council is keen to widen the scope of projects funded. We are particularly keen to support young people with their sports, music and extra-curricular activities, so whatever idea you’ve got (no matter how big or small) please consider applying. The fund is not available to projects that would be under the remit of East Lothian Council or that would be working against the windfarm. Application forms are available to download on the GMCC webpage or from me at the Old School, Garvald. For more information please see the application form.

Thank you,

Phillip White