A Garvald Limerick?!

A bit of bank holiday fun from Jim Pattison of Garvald Grange Cottages …

Just been reading about a book on Fife Place Name Limericks and wondered if anyone could come up  with a Garvald Limerick?! To get the ball rolling – and at the same time, set the bar at a suitably low height – see below:

In Gervitt there’s  a braw piper laddie named Colin
And at his pipes he aye seems to be blawin’
Ye’d think wi’ this curse
Things couldnae get worse
But Davy next door’s got an accordion (accordyin!)

There is an old Inn doon at Gervitt
Where on a Fridays they aw’ fight to get servitt
But if Susan is in
and suppin’ the gin
Don’t fold your erms or you’ll get it!”

If you think you can do better, than drop us a line with your rhyme. If we get a lot of submissions, we’ll think about a competition (with liquid prizes!) Over to you now …