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Garvald Children’s Poetry Competition 2016

The poetry competition results have been announced! A big thank you to this year’s judge, poet William Hershaw, for deciding on the winning poems. Thanks to Garvald and Morham Community Council for funding printing of the competition poetry books and providing the book token prizes. Thanks also go to the Scottish Poetry Library for providing poetry anthologies and sets of poetry postcards for the prizewinners.

Well done to the winners and thank you to all children who entered. If you’d like to read the winning poems, see the Garvald Children’s Poetry Competition 2016 page. If you’d like to read them in paper format, copies of this year’s poetry book with all of the entries will be available to read at Haddington Library and the Garvald Inn soon.

Supported by Garvald and Morham Community Council and the Scottish Poetry Library.SPL


Poetry Competition Books

The Garvald Children’s Poetry Competition books (containing all entries to the competition) were given to prizewinners, the judge, local schools and Haddington library. One has also gone on the bookshelf at The Garvald Inn for local people to read.

There are a dozen of these books left over and they have been delivered to The Garvald Inn. If you’d like one to keep, please ask for a copy at the pub – but it is ‘first come, first served’ as stocks are limited. A copy of this book is also available online in PDF format, accessible from the Poetry Competition 2015 page.

Garvald Children’s Poetry Competition Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Garvald Children’s Poetry Competition. What a wonderful variety of poems we had this year, all on the theme ‘Light’. You can read the winning poems on the Poetry Competition 2015 page.

We would like to thank poet and playwright Donald Campbell for judging, the Scottish Poetry Library for providing books and postcards as prizes and Garvald and Morham Community Council for funding book token prizes and printing of the poetry books.

Well done to the children who took part for producing some fantastic poetry this year. We hope you enjoy reading them!


Garvald Poetry Competition 2015 Launched

To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday 8th October we are running our annual poetry competition for local children aged from 7-12 years old. The theme this year is ‘Light’ and the competition is being supported by Garvald & Morham Community Council and the Scottish Poetry Library. For more information on how to enter, please see Poetry Competition 2015.


A Garvald Limerick?!

A bit of bank holiday fun from Jim Pattison of Garvald Grange Cottages …

Just been reading about a book on Fife Place Name Limericks and wondered if anyone could come up  with a Garvald Limerick?! To get the ball rolling – and at the same time, set the bar at a suitably low height – see below:

In Gervitt there’s  a braw piper laddie named Colin
And at his pipes he aye seems to be blawin’
Ye’d think wi’ this curse
Things couldnae get worse
But Davy next door’s got an accordion (accordyin!)

There is an old Inn doon at Gervitt
Where on a Fridays they aw’ fight to get servitt
But if Susan is in
and suppin’ the gin
Don’t fold your erms or you’ll get it!”

If you think you can do better, than drop us a line with your rhyme. If we get a lot of submissions, we’ll think about a competition (with liquid prizes!) Over to you now …

Poetry Competition entries sent for judging

We’re delighted to announce that this year’s competition had 113 fabulous entries from local children at Yester Primary and Belhaven Hill School. What creativity we have in our midst! Poems have now been sent off for our judge, Liz Lochhead, to enjoy.

This year, we even had interest from afar…a class at Court Moor School, Fleet, Hampshire sent us a water poem:

What am I?

Drunk by humans
Split by boats
Frozen by weather
Splattered on coats
Priceless to humans
At the bottom of loos
Mixed with teabags
Parted by canoes
Gather on the roadside
Friends with people
Foe to electricity
Sometimes lethal
With the help of evaporation, I fly
What am I?