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100 Club Round Up …

Recent winners as follows …

September draw:
• 20, Hazel Clark; and
• 36, John Hughes.

October draw:
• 63, Eleanor Cazdow; and
• 55, Elaine Campbell.

Well done to you all!

100 Club round up …

Two months’ worth of draws have taken place. The winners were as follows:

  • July – 21, Ian McMullan; and 44, Tom McGill.
  • August – 61, Tim Flynn; and 12, Phillip White.

Well done, cheques on their way!

100 Club draws are like buses …

… you wait ages for one, and then two come along at once!

May draw:

  • 68, Mairi Neilands; and
  • 72, Evie Houston.

June draw:

  • 74, Hugo Straker; and
  • 8, Micheal Leather.

Congratulations, cheques on their way!

100 Club Update

Two draws to fill you in on.

March winners are as follows:

  • 30, Elaine McQuaide; and
  • 65, Eleanor Cazdow.

Successful in April were:

  • 72, Evie Houston; and
  • 45, Jim Pattison.

Well done to you all!



100 Club

The 100 Club 2014-15 season has now kicked off, with three draws made at the Christmas Dinner on Thursday. The winners were as follows:

November Draw:

  • 60, Tim Flinn; and
  • 13, Graeme Stephenson

December Draw:

  • 14, Gillian Torrance; and
  • 47, Emily Pattison

Christmas £100 Bonus:

  • 71, Tertia Houston

Well done to you all!

If you haven’t joined, but would like to do so, it is still possible and at a reduced rate of £10. Please see Hazel Clark at 6 Burnside Court by 10/1/2015.

New stage curtains in village hall

There are now new curtains on the stage in the village hall. These have been funded by way of the 100 Club surplus, so thank-you to everyone who has paid their dues over the last year.

So to keep them clean, and everyone safe, we have a request:

Can nobody of any age go on the stage (either through the door or from the front) without prior arrangement with a committee member?

Many thanks in advance.

GVHT 100 Club

Want to help the Hall as well as yourself? Well why not join the 100 Club?! For an annual subscription of £15, you can enter into monthly prize draws as well as the £100 Christmas bonus …  For more info, see the paper fliers which are being distributed. Or click here to download.