Cub Leaders required for Gifford Cub Scouts – can you help?

Alastair McClung will be handing over the reins as Cub Scout Leader in Gifford in June 2015 after 12 years. Over the years he has given local girls and boys a place to meet, play games and earn Cub badges. He has provided fantastic opportunities for outdoor adventure, camps, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, skiing, karting and the chance to put something back into the community through Bob-a-job, litter-picking etc.

To allow Gifford Cubs to continue, we need some new Cub Scout Leaders. Alastair is happy to assist with outdoor activities and camps in 2015-16, but needs to find one or more people to become Cub Leaders on Monday nights (6-7.30pm). It’s all about games and badges and having fun, with a small amount of training to assist you. It’s not a huge commitment but extremely worthwhile. If anyone is interested in helping out with Gifford Cubs now or in the future (you do not need to be a parent), please use the Contact form to let Alastair know. Thank you.