Dog fouling

Irresponsible dog walkers are failing to clean up after their pets in and around Garvald, and the matter has now been reported to East Lothian Council Dog Warden. The fixed penalty fine for dog fouling is £80. Further details about reporting an offence can be found on East Lothian Council website on the dog fouling page, and some of the relevant details are listed below.

Who is responsible for cleaning up after dogs?

Under the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003, if you are in charge of a dog you must clear up after it – regardless of your age and whether or not you own it.

You must pick up any fouling immediately and throw it away in a proper bin or take it home with you. Please note that picking up dog excrement in a bag and then leaving the bag lying around is still an offence. 

The Act requires “pick up” in any “public open place” apart from designated agricultural land.

A “public open place” includes —

  • any place which is open to the air and allows public access including playgrounds, common land, beaches, footpaths and public rights of way.
  • any common passage, close, court, stair, back green, garden, yard or other similar common area.

Excuses (such as not knowing your dog has fouled or not having a bag with you to pick it up) won’t be accepted by our wardens, and you will still be fined.

Poop Scoop Bags

Free poop scoop bags are available from most council offices and libraries.