Douglas – Window Cleaning

Douglas Findlay, whose window cleaning services many Garvald households use, has asked for the following information to be shared with the village:

Many of you in Garvald will know me as Douglas the ‘window cleaner from Tranent’. Unfortunately I am having to share information of a material change in my circumstances. You will realise once you have read this just how difficult this is for me.

Regrettably  I have to inform my customers that I shall not be returning to Garvald to keep cleaning your windows. I have not been in the best of health for while, almost a year to be honest. Since September of last year when I began to feel unwell, I have undergone a range of tests and medical examinations which, until recently, had all been clear. However in April the symptoms returned and I have since undergone detailed scans, both in Haddington and Edinburgh, which have revealed Cancer of the Oesophagus which has spread into my lungs, lymph nodes and my liver. I am awaiting further results which will reveal where exactly I stand.

I’m absolutely sure you will all understand that my working life is over, that if I get through this that I would not want to return to my work. I do hope that I would be able to pay you all a social visit to say a thank you for your custom over the years; I’ve worked out that it’s been 18 years that I’ve been doing Garvald and 20 years at Cousland in Midlothian. It’s not the most glamorous of jobs but I do know that I was appreciated and I will miss the friendly banter, the dogs, and the wee ones.

I would like to mention Gillian and Rufus Bellamy and Mr and Mrs Barnes. Gillian, I never thought that I would need Wellington boots to clean windows, Mrs Barnes I will miss your cafetiere of coffee and shortbread on my visits.

I’m sure you can all realise that this has come as a bombshell to me and my family which is why I’ve taken so long to get in touch with the village.

Kind regards, Douglas.