East Lothian Tri Club marshal appeal…

A message from East Lothian Triathlon Club:

Would you be interested in helping out at the 22nd Haddington triathlon as a marshal this year – or know anyone else that would be?

The event takes place on Sunday 30th August and we will need about 50 marshals to undertake a number of tasks – e.g. count the number of lengths that competitors have swum in the pool, or direct runners and cyclists on the route. No prior experience required. We would need marshals to be available from 8am (at the Aubigny sports centre in Haddington) to about 12.30pm on Sunday 30th August – though pool marshals will be away a bit earlier.
Marshals will receive a packed lunch and a gift and be entered into a £50 prize draw (just for the marshals). It would be great if you could help out. Most people find it a really enjoyable experience and every year we get so many compliments from competitors as to how wonderful and friendly the Haddington tri marshals are!

We also offer a £100 donation to your chosen charity/club if you are able to provide 6 adult marshals.  Any younger volunteers would also be welcome but will be paired up so they’re not alone. A great fundraiser for local clubs and charities, as well as Duke Of Edinburgh or Senior School trips!

As usual, we would be delighted to get any offers of help for what is usually a fun event!

If you can help, we would be very grateful if you could let us know via the contact form. Thanks.