Flower Show 2013 – Special Award Winners

Well done to all of the contibutors and prize winners at the show and a big thank you to our judges. Liz Leather has been keeping a record of Flower Show statistics for the past twelve years. This year we had a massive 470 exhibits at the show with 139 entries in the vegetables & fruit category, the highest recorded in the last twelve years.

A special mention goes to the cup and trophy Award Winners:

  • Heidi Ingram – GHS Industrial Trophy for most points in the Industrial sections.
  • Liz Leather – GHS Cookery Challenge Cup for most outstanding exhibit.
  • Mike Traynor – GHS Ladies Challenge Trophy for most outstanding exhibit in the Handicraft section.
  • Helen Thomson – Audrey Mae Traynor Cup for the best hand-knitted exhibit.
  • Graham Barnes – Sancta Maria Abbey Cup for best photograph.
  • Lorraine Hay – GHS Challenge Cup for the most outstanding horticultural exhibit.
  • Margaret Ingle – J.K.Webster Rose Shield for the best rose exhibit.
  • Alistair MacDonnell – James Hardie Cup for the best Gladioli exhibit.
  • Lorraine Hay – Smithy Shield for the best Sweet Pea exhibit.
  • Dougie Clark – J.K.Webster Shield for best Beetroot.
  • Dougie Clark – Cardinal Gordon Gray salver for best basket of vegetables.
  • Karl and Heidi Ingram – Hobbs Cup for Best Garden in Garvald.
  • James Aitchison – Village Show Cup (most points in the Pre-School Children section).
  • Sienna Sheldon – Village Show Trophy (Pre-School Children) for most outstanding exhibit.
  • Daisy Ingram – Garvald & Morham Community Council Cup (most points in the Ages 5 to 8 section).
  • Molly Ramsay – The Bette Pratt Memorial Quaich (Ages 5 to 8) for the most outstanding exhibit.
  • Finlay Hay – Tanderlane Cup (for most points in the Ages 9 to 12 section).
  • Aiden Ballantyne – Alice Lawrie Trophy (Ages 9 to 12) for the most outstanding exhibit.
  • Bethan McGregor – GHS Trophy (most points in the Teenage Section).
  • Bethan McGregor – Special Prize of £5 (Teenage Section) for the most outstanding exhibit.
  • Sally Burnet – Floral Art Trophy for most points in Floral Art section.
  • John Sheldon – Cameron Cup for Best Floral Art exhibit.
  • Lorraine Hay – GHS Salver for most points in show.

Pet Show Results:

  • Best Groomed: “Mellie” ( Labrador) Shown By Sharon Muirhead
  • Best Behaved: “Dick (Guinea Pig) Shown By Lola White
  • Most Unusual: “Milo” (Crossbreed) Shown by Conal McGregor
  • Most Knowledgeable: “Gizmo” (Rabbit) Shown by Riley White
  • Most Friendly: “Tia” (Labrador Pup) Shown by Stuart McQuade
  • Best in Show: “Barny Buttons” (Rabbit) Shown by Annabella Sheldon