Flower Show…just a few weeks away

Now’s the time to start thinking about your entries for the Garvald Horticultural Society’s Annual Flower Show on 31st August. Download the Programme here.

Need some ideas to keep your children busy up until the new school term starts? How about getting ahead and preparing some of the competition entries early. The baking entries can’t be made until nearer the time but there’s plenty of other things you can prepare in advance.

Here’s all of the competition classes for children:

UNDER 5 YEARS OLD – ‘My family’ A4 artwork, model animal (e.g. playdough, papier mâché), 2 chocolate crispies, a bunch of flowers in a jam jar.
AGE 5 TO 8 YEARS – A ‘monster’ made from vegetables and plant material, 3 home-made sweets, model vehicle made from household junk, a miniature garden (maximum size 600x600mm), a birthday card, 3 painted pebbles, hand-writing: ‘The Dancing Star’ by Pandora Bannister (text on GHS page).
AGE 9 TO 12 YEARS – Miniature garden (maximum size 600x600mm), an ‘animal’ made from vegetables and plant material, a paperweight, a jam sponge sandwich, a lighthouse, compose a haiku verse, a photograph of an animal.
TEENAGER SECTION – Chocolate cake using the recipe of your choice, design and make an iPod case, an exhibit of vegetables of your own growing, design a homepage for a pop star, 3 decorated cup cakes, a photo collage A4 size.