Friday 27/03/2020: Andersons Food Delivery Update

Information from George Andersons –

If we can all have our individual orders in for 11.00am on Mondays they will deliver on Tuesdays direct to everyone’s door with no contact. Please order and pay over the phone (01875 616950) with your card.

The boxes contain:

1 kg onions
1 kg carrots
1 x 2 kg white cabbage
1 kg leeks
2 kg potatoes
2 x 250 gms p/pack broccoli
3 x mixed peppers
1 x cucumber
6 x satsumas
3 x red apples
3 x green apples
1 kg bananas
4 only tomatoes
1 only Iceberg lettuce

The cost of the box is £25 and a full range of bakery, dairy and dried produce is also available. Please contact the sales team on 01875 616950 for more information and to order.