Garvald Community Facebook Page and Contact Numbers

If you are a Garvald resident please sign up to the Facebook page ‘Garvald Community’ to stay up to date with news. It has been set up for the purpose of providing practical information and support to get our community through this difficult time. It is a private group for Garvald residents only to enable us to share information which will not be passed on to anyone else other than, if necessary, the Council’s Emergency Planning Team. I will moderate this FB page as Co-ordinator of the Garvald Emergency Resilience Team which endeavours to provide help and assistance to our community as much as we can. This is a group made up of local volunteers and is not intended to take the place of professional organisations such as the NHS and Government agencies.
If you need help or assistance and you do not have access to Facebook or the Garvald website please contact any member of the Emergency Resilience Team:

Contact Numbers