Garvald EV Chargers: Community Co-operation

With the increase in electric vehicles in the village, the EV chargers are now getting very well used. This means that it has become increasingly difficult – particularly for commuters who depend on their EVs every day – to find a vacant charger on weekday evenings.

A solution is now required which facilitates fair and efficient use of the EV chargers and avoids cars remaining in the charging spaces long after their batteries have been fully charged.

One suggested solution is that all EV charger users leave a note in the car windscreen with a finish time (when the car will then be unplugged and the charging space vacated) so that anyone needing charge has a sense of when a charger might become free.

If anyone can think of any other ways to improve fair and efficient use of the EV chargers, please complete the contact form, below, and we can then move forward with a solution which works for everyone:


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