Garvald: the future of the Glebe Field

On 7th September, a group came together to discuss the situation with Garvald Church, the Stables and the Glebe Field.

The congregation of the church decided at the beginning of September that due to the costs of running the church, it would have to be closed. It is likely, therefore, that the church will be sold. The status of the other 2 assets is uncertain. Villagers may remember plans in the past to build luxury houses at the bottom of the Glebe Field.

The group discussed the potential of a community buy out of all 3 assets.

It was agreed to ask the village whether it supported such a buy out and, if so, what uses could these assets be put to.

The consensus of the meeting was to focus initially on the Glebe Field, to ensure that it was retained for general amenity and recreational use as at present, and to safeguard against development. Other potential uses that would enhance community benefit in the medium to long term could also be looked at.

If you are concerned at the possibility that the Glebe Field might be sold, then please register your concern using the contact form, below. Or, if you have ideas about how the Glebe Field could be used in future to benefit the village, then please also use the contact form:

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