Horses and ponies being ridden on the roads…

Horses and ponies have their own personalities. That is why it is so important to slow down and give them a wide berth when they are being ridden on the roads.

No rider is ever in complete control at all times. Anything can make a horse spook – a bird, a plastic bag or even an overactive imagination – and they are just as inclined to jump towards a vehicle as away from it.

The situation is made worse by rain, when the roads are wet and there is lying water. No horse likes to be soaked by splash, and they don’t like the sound of it much either.

And it is not just motorised vehicles. Cyclists should also proceed with caution, especially when free wheeling downhill at twice the speed as normal. Never creep up behind a horse, and never underestimate the swooshing sound and effect created as you pass by.

Please forward this message on, post it on Facebook or even re-Tweet. It would be good to remind as many people as possible.

We are supposedly an animal loving nation, so it would be nice to see a bit more love for horses and ponies as they are hacked around the country lanes.