Message from Tim Flinn re. snow ploughs

Sad to report that the GMCC has rejected the idea of community snow plough(s). In its place its best and only offer is an attempt to set up a core of reliable volunteers to dig out citizens who can’t easily (or at all) help themselves. As that solution is much cheaper I hope it works. However, should it prove not to be the solution then money should not be an issue as Crystal Rigg grants are only for activities that local authorities do not provide, which is exactly the target this proposal aims at.

In the meantime I will try to find out how other small communities manage to deal successfully with problems such as insurance, public safety, maintenance, priorities and operators.

Thanks to all those who volunteered themselves or provided support.

Tim Flinn.

One thought on “Message from Tim Flinn re. snow ploughs

  1. admin

    I have to say that I am very sorry at this outcome but I do welcome the prospect of volunteer diggers. Although I would benefit from a snow plough, I am by no means the only person in the area who would do so. I would like to hope that this decision might be re-considered.
    Toni Bunch

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