Nuthatch spotted in Garvald!

A welcome visitor to the garden…


There’s a lot of visitors to the bird feeders now that Autumn has arrived with some cooler temperatures. If you spot anything worthy of a mention, then let us know using the Contact Us form.

4 thoughts on “Nuthatch spotted in Garvald!

  1. admin

    Thank you for all your comments, emails and chat in reaction to this blog post! In Garvald, we have a great range of birds visiting our gardens so it’s worth providing food all year round.

  2. admin

    John Sheldon has had a visiting pair of nuthatches on his feeders at Linkylea all summer and says there are another pair at Beechhill. He comments that “the invasion from the South has started but no complaints about that!”

  3. admin

    There have been several sightings, mostly at the west end of the village. They have only spread into the Scottish Borders and East Lothian in recent years, being found more commonly in the South of England.

  4. Graham Barnes

    A nuthatch came this morning (14 Oct 2012) to our feeders in Burnside Court. It is the first specimen we’ve seen here in eleven years of feeding the small birds. I wonder if the nuthatches have been reading the GMCC minutes on this website and are changing their behaviour in anticipation of the felling of the Papana Burn conifers.

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