REMINDER: PUBlic Philosophy at the Garvald Inn – Thursday 27th April

The last PUBlic Philosophy event of the academic year will take place at the Garvald Inn on Thursday 27th April (8pm until 10pm).

This one will be a debate about God, morality, the corruption of the soul, and how to get your kids to eat vegetables. The central question is whether belief in divine reward and punishment helps people to act morally, or whether it is morally corrupting.

In the first corner, we have arguments from Bishops Berkeley and Butler. In the second corner, we have arguments from Anthony Ashley Cooper, the Third Earl of Shaftesbury. Michael Gill and Jen Marusic will be our esteemed guests this time. They are terrific philosophers, presenters, and people.

It is bound to be a great event. We hope that lots of you can come along!