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More birdwatching news!

A lone waxwing spotted in the village this morning. But these punky wee birds usually flock. So has anyone seen his friends? They are famed for stripping trees of their fruit, so do keep an eye out if you’ve still got any berried branches in your garden!

Here’s two photos of our resident woodpecker sent in by Phillip White. Pretty well camouflaged in the branches…


Birdwatching news…

Here’s some photographs of the lovely group of Long-tailed Tits that many of you will have spotted in your gardens, with their very long tails and distinctive black, brown and white colouring.

On another note… the snowdrops are out, the birds are singing, the daffodils are getting ready to flower and the sun is shining! Spring is around the corner. The plant sale is on Sunday 5th May, a while away yet, but while you are planning your gardening activities for the year please remember to set aside any spare plants or sow a few extra seeds in the coming weeks so that we will have plenty of donated plants to sell. Thank you!