Telecoms mast proposal

Tom Gallivan from WHP Telecoms Ltd is carrying out a Prior Consultation regarding a proposed telecoms mast just outside Garvald and advises the following:

This mast is part of the Scottish Government and Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) Digital Strategy for Scotland which seeks to facilitate the deployment of 4G LTE infill coverage for areas where this does not yet exist and where it is unlikely that the commercial industry will invest in the near to medium-term future, given the economic challenges of doing so. These areas are often referred to ‘Not Spots’.

You may already appreciate the background to this. Funding has been committed by the Scottish Government and secured from the European Regional Development Fund (‘ERDF’) to support a plan to extend mobile service coverage across communities in otherwise hard-to-reach areas of Scotland or known telecommunication ‘Not-Spots’ where there is a local interest to do so.

WHP have been appointed by Scottish Government to build the new mast network and attract mobile operators to deploy sites in these Not Spots. Consequently, we would like to invite your feedback regarding the proposed mast at Garvald as per the documents below.

Garvald has a lot of transient visitors and a local population who have requested mobile phone coverage.

Scottish Government community consultation is open until the 8th of October 2018:

For this site, however, we are not planning on moving forward until we have full community feedback and I have allowed 4 weeks for this (i.e. until the 30th October). Please let us have any feedback after you have read the documents below.

Many thanks,
Tom Gallivan FRICS (Registered Valuer) WHP Telecoms Ltd

WHP Telecoms Ltd, Office 44, The Bonds, 2 Anderson Place, Edinburgh, EH6 5NP

Privacy: Your information will be used only in the gathering of community opinion about the installation of a telecoms mast in Garvald. Your data will be kept secure according to WHP Telecoms’ Privacy Policy: