Update on Church Plans

The Church of Scotland Parishes of Garvald and Morham

As many will be aware, the Church of Scotland are going through a period of significant change throughout the whole of Scotland. The existing restructuring plans, in as far as they affect church property within the parish of Garvald and Morham, are as follows.

Morham Church

This building is being prepared for disposal and will soon be placed on the market for sale.

Garvald Church

The decision to sell Garvald Church will be finalised shortly. It is expected that the building will cease to be used for regular services at the end of 2023.

Garvald Church Stables

The Church of Scotland has decided not to sell Garvald Stables.

Garvald and Baro Glebe Fields

The Church of Scotland has decided not to sell Baro or Garvald Glebe fields. They will continue under their existing agricultural tenancies .

Fiona Sheldon

Session Clerk