Volunteers Required for Wood Gathering and Cutting

Phillip White has obtained permission by the Monks of Nunraw to organize the safe removal of the remaining wood which has been left on the bank opposite the park after the clear felling operation. There is a large quantity of good firewood available but it needs to be removed safely and then sawn up into manageable cuts.

Volunteers helping to remove and chop the wood will be able to take a supply firewood for a small fee of £5. This will be used to cover the petrol and oil used by the Chainsaw Operators. Any funds raised that are surplus to fuel expenses will be donated to the Village Hall. There is a huge quantity of wood to be collected and there should be wood available to all helpers.

Action Plan:

  • First, remove as much good wood as we can from the banking and pile up on the village side of the burn. This will take a few attempts, depending on how many people come to help.
  • The next stage will be to cut the wood into suitable sizes, ready for volunteer helpers to take away.

If you are able to help on one or more Saturdays in the near future, either gathering wood or sawing the wood with a chainsaw, please contact Phillip using the form below.

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