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100 Club Round Up …

Recent winners as follows …

September draw:
• 20, Hazel Clark; and
• 36, John Hughes.

October draw:
• 63, Eleanor Cazdow; and
• 55, Elaine Campbell.

Well done to you all!

Hall AGM, 7.30pm on Wednesday …

We appreciate you all lead busy lives and suffer from many competing priorities, but it would make such a difference if there was a good turnout at tomorrow’s Hall AGM. It’s at 7.30pm, and there will be cake, biscuits or both! Please PLEASE *PLEASE* try spare an hour or so of your time.

Garvald Village Hall Trust AGM …

A wee reminder that it is the Hall AGM a week on Wednesday – 21st October at 7.30pm.

By now, you should have all received an open letter from the current, and retiring, Hall Chairman Barrie Ash. In it, he emphasises the real need for villagers to attend this meeting – to have their say in the ongoing running of their Hall. Moreover, he highlights the need for new blood on the management committee – especially as this year is an election year. According to the Constitution, the management committee must choose a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Even if the incumbents wish to stand again and are unopposed, at least ten villagers should to be there to vote. In 2014, only seven turned up …

So please, dairy the time and the date. An hour of your time next week, could help set up the Hall for another two years. That’s two more Halloween parties, 100 more post offices and over a 1000 games of table tennis at the very least!

Your Hall needs you!

100 Club round up …

Two months’ worth of draws have taken place. The winners were as follows:

  • July – 21, Ian McMullan; and 44, Tom McGill.
  • August – 61, Tim Flynn; and 12, Phillip White.

Well done, cheques on their way!

Belated thanks …

To all those who supported the Jumble Sale late last month. The profits were split between the Village Hall Trust and the Disaster and Emergency Committee’s Nepal Appeal, with the latter receiving some £350. It never ceases to amaze how cast offs can raise so much money, and allow some good to be done in the world?!

100 Club draws are like buses …

… you wait ages for one, and then two come along at once!

May draw:

  • 68, Mairi Neilands; and
  • 72, Evie Houston.

June draw:

  • 74, Hugo Straker; and
  • 8, Micheal Leather.

Congratulations, cheques on their way!

100 Club Update

Two draws to fill you in on.

March winners are as follows:

  • 30, Elaine McQuaide; and
  • 65, Eleanor Cazdow.

Successful in April were:

  • 72, Evie Houston; and
  • 45, Jim Pattison.

Well done to you all!