As a result of stormy winds coming from the South West since New Year several large, very rigid, foam insulation boards have been blown into the Garvald park and become trapped amongst saplings on the steep bank above the Papana Water. A large amount of smaller detritus can also be seen trapped against fences in the field above the park. The full-size boards are approximately 3m square and 240mm thick.

The flying boards, in gale-force winds, represent a potentially lethal hazard to people and animals. They could easily damage windows of the houses, greenhouses and vehicles and bring down power cables.

The community council, as a matter of urgency, is trying to find out where these boards might be coming from. Anything that might take off in high winds should be stored inside or stacked properly tied and weighted down.

If you have an idea about where these hazards might be coming from please contact Philip White (Community Council Chairman) via the contact form, below:

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